Suitcase of Hope

We recognize the difficulty in today's families when grandparents become foster parents, and other family situations.  Our Suitcase Of Hope Programs will help ease this burden.

Often as children enter the foster care system, or if they change to a new family, they come with very little clothing and furniture. We will give a suitcase or backpack filled with items that make the move easier. They may pick out socks, underwear, jeans, shirts, sweaters, shoes, and a special toy. If furniture or bedding is needed please feel free to discuss it with a director.

These items are given at no cost to the family, and they are meant to help the child and parents at a a difficult time in their life. Because the child is allowed to choose what they like, it makes them feel like they have control over the situation. In addition, each child is given a Bible with a blessing written inside the cover.

This offer is also available to parents undertaking an international adoption.

Documentation/Verification is required.